Our business model is to take focused positions in established companies that present growth potential, a market franchise, and can generate pricing power. 

Main Investments:

1. Long-term common stocks

2. Medium-term fixed income securities

3. Long-term fixed income securities

4. Short-term cash

5. Short-term Arbitrage

6. Medium to Long-term Derivatives

Our Equity investments are predominantly in US listed companies as well as certain listed exchanges in Europe where we can find long term intrinsic value. What makes us unique is the understanding of long value positions, balanced with short positions and derivative contracts where we believe the price exceeds our calculated value. Our Equity positions in non-listed operating companies are predominately minority positions with a very long holding terms. 

Top Public Securities positions

                                                             12/31/17            6/30/18              9/30/18              12/31/18         chg %-points

US Equity Market                                 46%                      29%                   34%                40%               +5%

US Bonds                                             2%                         4%                     5%                  4%                -1%

Europe Equity Market                           2%                       10%                     9%                  6%                -1%

Derivatives                                            8%                       10%                    5%                   2%                 0%

Cash                                                     42%                     46%                    47%                 48%              +1%

                                                             100%                  100%                100%                100%

Top Operating Company positions

ThermaCELL Inc. 1.3% Equity position

Nelson Global Products Inc. 1.3% Equity position

Kykuit Enterprises Inc. 2.0% Equity position

Hydro Engineering Inc 5.3% Equity Position

Diedrich Drill Inc. 5.0% Equity Position

On Demand Technologies Inc. 4.1% Equity position

IGX Bio inc. 1.7% Equity position

Latitude 19 Inc. 1.0% Equity position

Risk mitigation:

AB Invest Capital Chairman, Anders Berggren, serves on the Board of Directors of Nelson Global Products Inc., ThermaCell Repellents Inc., and personally oversees all derivative contracts and Private Equity fund investments.


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